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第17屆巴基斯坦國際醫療展(Health Asia 2019)
同期舉辦:第17屆巴基斯坦藥品展(Pharma Asia 2019) 
主辦單位:巴基斯坦ECG有限公司  (UFI成員)
藥品:各種新特藥、中成藥、西藥、中藥保健品 、營養食品等;傳統藥:中藥、草藥等;
Health Asia & Pharma Asia 是巴基斯坦國內唯一通過UFI認證的醫療及藥品展,也是中國企業進入巴基斯坦這個尚未被開拓的市場的最佳平臺。展會展示了最新的醫療診斷器械及醫療服務設施,提供給展商和買家、決策者一個面對面洽談及合作的機會。展會專業性極強,只針對所有醫生、專業買家、從事醫療行業人員、醫療公司企業、醫學院學生開放。這將會是中國企業開拓巴基斯坦醫療市場的重要途徑。

Pakistan - the land of numerous unexplored opportunities has recently earned a good name in the international market for being a vibrant and progressive developing country in the world . The Government of Pakistan has adopted a liberal investment policy to attract maximum foreign investment, where foreign investors can hold up to 100% equity
in several economic sectors. As a result, the foreign direct investment - in the Country has increased substantially over the past few years, thus differentiati ng Pakistan from many other countries of the region. Also,
the vita l indicators of Pakistan's economy have shown extra-ordinary improvement such as enhanced GDP and GNP. increased foreign exchange reserves, stable Pakistani currency and improved balance of payments. Per capita income has crossed US$ 1254.
Pakistan's economy is gaining more strength with each passing year, underpinned by a buoyant private sector.The world is witnessing the real GDP of Pakistan maintaining a steady growth at one of the fastest
rates in the history of the Country and among the hihest in the economies of the wo『Id. The international trade is increasing owing to revol 』tionary changes in tari仔 structures, better international relations and growing domestic demands, both at the industrial as well as consumer levels. The foreign exchange reserves are maintained at a 『espectable level. Major investments are underway.in Engineering & Automobi le manufacturing sector, po『ts and communication infrastructure, telecommunication, information technologies, developing newer sources of energy and power generation etc, to meet the increasing demands. Healthy manpower is mandatory, bei『19 the basic requirement for all these sectors; Health Asia ventures to impart strength to this sector.
The Governor of Sindh-Pakistan, Mr. Muhammad Zubai r says,”Holding international events in Pakistan is extremely important for portraying the true potential for investment that this country o仔ers to the rest of the wor ld. I personally believe events such as Health & Pharma Asia are very crucial to allure greater investments. These events are also very important for restoring the investors’ confidence in the country particularly in Karachi.
I welcome all foreign delegates in Health Asia International Exhibition and invite them to take maximum benefit from the business and investment opportunities available in this mega sector of Pakistan.”
Current pace of development in Pakistan is no miracle but 『esult of a dedicated and continuous effort by Government of Pakistan through implementing policies for deregulation, liberalization & privatization.
Health As ia - The Premier Health Event of the Region
Health Asia is the biggest ever health event in the history of Pakistan which provides enormous opportunities of learning, information sharing & cooperation and match making to all the stakeho lders in the health sector.The Event shall comprise Exhibition and Conferences on latest
research & developments I innovations on health, medicine, laboratory technology, diagnostics,
surger譏 transplants, physiotherapy, patients’ referrals, diets etc.. Dellegations from Ministry of Health of OIC and Asian Countries, Hospitals of international repute, Medical Institutions, Pharmaceutical Companies are major participants of Health Asia.
151h Health Asia  International Exhibition & Conferences
Health Asia International Exhibition, one of the most promising and enduring exhibitions is being organized at the most opportune time when the Government is looking forward to expand the developing sectors of the Country, which have shown tremendous growth in the past few years. The Exhibition would serve as a comp「ehensive showcase of the latest in technology, medical & diagnostic equipment and machines as well as allied services. while providing investors with a definite outlook of the regional health sector and an opportunity   to   meet   their   prospective   counterparts   and   business   partners.




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